Description of dry-suit:

Area of fitted profile.

  • The construction of suit is ergonomic and maneuvarable:
    • crotch seams are not crossed to each other,
    • the entrance plastic gastight TIZIP zipper placed in horizontal way in front of torso enables user closing/opening in very easy way, where additionally entrance zipper is protected by flap having YKK plastic zipper,
  • The textile fabric is waterpoof, breathable "ceramic" polyamide fabric in green NATO color, where textile fabric is laminated by waterproof, breathable PU membrane.

Area of fitted details.

  • Glued HD latex neck seal and HD latex wrists seals are flexible.
  • Glued HD latex neck seal is covered by external neoprene warming collar.
  • Sitech exhaust valve is placed on left sleeves at forearm area – Sitech in-let valve is located in front of on left leg.
  • In front of suit's torso there are two symetrically placed the short entrances which enable operator to hide diving separated boots after finished diving when operator starts using land boots for long marching – these two entrances have gastight zippers TIZIP protected additionally by by flaps with YKK zippers.
  • Suit has very functional and unique multi-system of pockets including:
    • two small fore-arm pockets both of sleeves, installed on Velcro platforms,
    • two cargo pockets placed on the side of legs installed in molle system where straps are made in classic version, additionally flaps of cargo pockets at the bottom parts have inside a special elastic ropes enabling better catching by hands dressed in gloves,
    • one cylinder pocket placed on left leg in molle system of classic version,
  • The suit has "relief" plastic gastight TIZIP zipper in front of torso covered by protective flap with YKK zipper.
  • External cuffs at wrists and ankles area have short plastic YKK zippers and additionally have also a solution of rubber strap-Velcro fasteners for keeping slider locks of YKK zippers in fixed position what eliminates the risk of hooking up while moving hands/legs.
  • The suit has elastic suspenders inside for getting better stabilization during the usage.
  • Integrated socks are made from neoprene material.

Area of fitted configurations.

  • Instead of HD latex seals alternatively the neorprene seals can be used in wrists and neck area.
  • Instead of TIZIP plastic gastight zippers alternatively can be used YKK plastic gastight zippers.
  • The pockets on hands and legs area can be:
    • integrated in fixed way by glueing,
    • integrated in fixed way by stitching,
    • integrated in mobile way by molle system of straps where molle system can be made in classic version or in lasered version,
  • Integrated socks can be made:
    • from the same textile fabric as used in the suit,
    • from neoprene material,


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