Disposable Portable CPR Mask is used or emrgency solution as First Aid Kit.With PVC gloves,alcohol pad and illustrated instructions,The case color can be red, blue, white, yellow, green,orange etc.

CPR Mask

  • SPEC:

    1.Usage: It is used for patient who are in high dangerous;
    2. Material:clear medica grade PVC mask;
    3. Component: PVC exmination gloves*1 pair,alcohol pad*2 ,
    Mask & illustrated instructions;
    4. Technical Status: Standard 22mm fittings-can be used with any resuscitator or mask;
    5. Box Color: red, blue, white, yellow, green,orange etc ;
    6. Size: Suitable for use of adults, children and infant;
    7. Pre-inflated cushion for case of application, fast and effective seal;
    8. Function: Replaceable, disposable one-way valve with filter eliminates the risk of injection;
    9. Characteristic: Easily cleaned for repeated use;
    10. Packing: mask can be PE packing or in a convenient portable case