1. "Tmotion" brands motor for High-Low.
2. Height control by foot switch.
3. Adjustable head section featuring single gas strut, angle adjustable from +40° to -50°.
4. Adjustable backrest featuring double stainless steel struts, angle adjustable from 0 to + 60o.
5. Able to lift up to 225kg working weight from its lowest height.
6. Wheels5cmdiameter.
7. Retractable castors50mmfor excellent mobility and safety.
8. Fire/stain/mildew/oil/water/wear resistant Med PVC available in 9 kinds of colors.
9. Table goes horizontal for people recovery in emergency situations.

Head section Length: 39cm
Middle section Length: 53cm
Back Section Length: 94cm
Upholstery Width: 66cm
Adjustable Height: 50cm – 90cm
Foam Thickness: 5cm
Foam Density: 36g/m2
Open: 193 x 66 x (50-90)cm

3-section examination couch